Monday, July 22, 2013

Page 6780 to 6783 - First drawings with Molotow markers

These are my first drawings made with Molotow markers. These markers use a unique type of acrylic paint that is UV and weather resistant, and can go on many types of surface. I like the idea that the paint in these markers can be refilled, pen tips can be replaced, and paints can be mixed to create custom tones.

In these drawings, the thicker lines (blue and yellow) were made with markers with 15mm tips. The rest were done with 2mm markers.

The first two drawings (pg6780 and pg6781) are on 10 by 7 inch paper. The last two (pg6782 and pg6783) are on 12 by 9 inch paper. After scanning in at 600dpi, white border was added to each to fill a picture size of 4:3 ratio.

Page 6780
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Page 6781
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Page 6782
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Page 6783
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The 10,000 Page Colouring Book / Abstract Line Drawings / Empty Expression

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