Friday, November 13, 2009

Page 8676


The Have-and-Have-Not Christmas Tree

Abstract line drawing / Page 8676 / The 10,000 Page Colouring Book
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sandybau said...

I love your idea of the colouring book project! I'm always visiting your blog to see your new submission... I see it like a daily gift!

❤Yisin said...

Great idea! :D
This is my first time visit your blog..
and going to visit again and again!!!

michael robertson said...

nice idea-I love your line work.

michele said...

Beautifully done.
Whether the spirit is expressed simply or opulently, it's still Christmas.

dthaase said...

fantastic - well captured

Pencil Pocket said...

gorgeous colours. so fresh!

It's Me, again! said...

I agree with sandybau... I love your idea for this project as well! How unique and interesting. What a wonderfully artistic and creative take on such an idea! :)

Btw, this Christmas Tree pic made me chuckle.

Mikey said...

im totally on the left side this christmas