Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tango in Pixação

Pixação is a form of graffiti invented in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Tango is a form of dance invented in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay.
Touched by these two forms of Latin American expression, the drawings below depict Tango dancers using lines and shapes inspired by Pixação graffiti writings.

Abstract line drawing / Page 8821 / The 10,000 Page Colouring Book
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Abstract line drawing / Page 8822 / The 10,000 Page Colouring Book
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For an introduction to Pixação, check out this extract from a book on Pixação, or watch this video from a director who has recently finished a documentary on Pixação. For photographs, go to this Flickr group.


steve said...

Wow! Nice, and what a coincidence, since I'm currently watching an amazing documentary (literally, viewing it as I type) called "Bomb It", which has an entire segment on this style and culture. A recent issue of Juxtapoz does a great photo documentary subject on this as well! Way to go Pixo!

pixo said...

Steve, thanks. I looked up pixação at the Juxtapoz web site find this recent post - The online video included in the post is great, even though I have no idea what it is talking about.

yati davies said...

this is just too good! i love simple lines and this is just perfect!